Some notable projects we worked on

Many screen shots have been intentionally BLURRED due to company confidentiality agreements and are strictly provided here as personal portfolio. Please do not use or copy these images in a way that would violate this agreement. All rights reserved to their respective owners. Thanks.

Research & Development
Zend Framework
Back Office
In-House Back-Office System (Older, 4 years)
ZF1, MySQL, jQuery, multiple APIs
Google Doubleclick Search API (Integration)
ZF1, jQuery, Google Doubleclick Search API
InContact API (Integration)
ZF1, Bootstrap, jQuery, InContact API
In-House Back-Office System (Newer, 6 months)
ZF2, MySQL, Bootstrap, AngularJS 1.5, Composer, Grunt, Yarn, ...
AWS Data Pipeline for ETL
AWS - Data Pipeline, EMR, Pig, EC2, RDS, S3, Redshift, ...
DB Schema Change Management
SQL, Liquibase
Transaction Data Comparison Library
Accounts Receivable System
Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery
Merchant Onboarding System
Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery
WordPress (Industrial)
WordPress, WordPress Coding
Sales Reporting System
Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery
Ground-Up Bootstrap Template
Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
Online Marketplace (2 years)
ZF1, MySQL, jQuery, Facebook, PayPal Integration
Fleet Management System
CodeIgniter, MySQL, jQuery
Food (Lunch) Booking System
Web Server Security Audit
Apache, Linux, PHP
.NET B2C Site (2 years)
C# .NET, MSSQL, jQuery, Payment Integration
Payment Gateway System
Third-party Payment Processor
Industrial Company
Bootstrap (multiple versions), SEO
Flash Game
Flash, Website, Facebook Connect
Domestic Airline Reservation (Travel Agency)
(Multiple Versions) PHP, Bootstrap, SEO
Real Estate
(Older) HTML, CSS
Corporate Branding and Website
(Older) HTML, CSS, SEO
Multi-Lingual Website
(Older) HTML, CSS, Flash
Multi-Lingual Interactive CD / Website
(Older) Flash, HTML, CSS
Real Estate Tours
(Older) Flash, HTML, CSS
E-Commerce Website
(Older) PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash